UK Farm Activities

UK Farm Activities and Attractions

1. Cuddle & Feed Goat Milk To The Baby Goats

Goat milk feeding experience will leave an unforgettable memory to the children. They can even hug and play with these adorable goats. It aims that bringing children closer to the animals and nature.

feed goat milk

2. UK Farm Goat Milk Processing Centre

You gain insights on how the goat milk is being processed at here. The steps of processing fresh goat milk will be performed by the staff in UK Farm. Firstly, they will install a machine on the goat. Then, the difference in pressure will suck the goat milk from the goat out to the machine. Lastly, the goat milk is under processed at 69 °C, which is its ideal temperature.

goat milk processing centre

3. UK Ostrich Farm

Another wonderful experience in UK Farm is feeding the ostrich and turkey. You feel your hands massaged by them while feeding these cute animals. You don’t need to be afraid as they are quite gentle. And for your information, there are 4 ostrich in UK ostrich farm.

uk ostrich farm

4. Deer Park

In UK Farm, it has a new deer park inside. Visitors can feeding them through a packet of corns. They are very gentle and quiet.

deer park in uk farm kluang

5. UK Farm Mini Zoo

In UK Farm, you will discover different animals such as birds, chickens, ducks, rabbits, monkeys, turkeys and geese. A packet of corns will be provided to feed them. Then, just enjoy yourself surrounded by them during the feeding process.

mini zoo in uk farm

6. Fruit Farm

Pick the freshest fruit as you can at the fruit farm! Here, you can find passion fruits, watermelons and apples. The taste is extremely wonderful as they are all organic.

fruit farm in uk farm

7. Mulberry Farm

New place in UK Farm Kluang. Visitors can try the fresh mulberry. The taste is amazing as they are all organic.

mulberry in uk farm kluang

8. Jakun Village

A family from Jakun Tribe is employed by the owner of UK Farm Kluang to stay at UK Farm and hence the place is called Jakun Village. The family built the wooden house and tree house here. Inside the Jakun Village, there is a display trap to catch the large prey. They also use their traditional weapons to demonstrate shooting down a balloon.

Jakun Village in UK Farm

9. Lavendar Garden

This is truly the most beautiful place in UK Farm. All visitors love to take photo at the Lavender Garden. The place is romantic and you get surrounded completely by the fragrance of flower. If you are lucky, you may even encounter a wedding photoshoot here.

lavendar garden in UK Farm

10. Sheep Challenge

Have you ever experience chasing the sheep? UK Farm provides an exciting activity, Sheep Challenge that requires you to chase and catch the sheep in 3 minutes. There will be 3 persons in one group. Presents will be given to the winners.

sheep challenge in UK Farm

11. Sunrise and Sunset

Amazing sunrise and sunset can be found in UK Farm. You will fall in love with UK Farm even more after watching both stunning views.

sunrise in UK Farm

12. Kong Ming Lantern

At night, UK Farm will provide Kong Ming Lantern to visitors. Visitors can write their wishes on the Kong Ming Lantern and launch it to the sky. May your wish come true!

Kong Ming Lantern in UK Farm

13. Night tour (optional)

The night tour provides a golden opportunity to visitors to see the animals such as owl, fox, wild boar and pangolin. You’ll get surprised as the animals appear randomly and you cannot predict what’s the next. It is totally a different experience compared to the zoo.

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