UK Farm Houses

UK Agro Farm has provided 3 types of UK farm houses for visitors to stay. They are chalet, dormitory and campsites.

UK Agro Farm Chalet

chalet in uk farm

Prices Per night include Package

UK Farm Chalet Twin

SGD 79 (adult) and SGD 72 (kid) for low season
SGD 100 (adult) and SGD 89 (kid) for peak

UK Farm Chalet Triple

SGD 72 (adult) and SGD 65 (kid) for low
SGD 82 (adult) and SGD 76 (kid) for peak

UK Farm Chalet Quad

SGD 65 (adult) and SGD 59 (kid) for low
SGD 76 (adult) and SGD 69 (kid) for peak


UK Agro Farm Dormitory

Dormitory in UK Farm

UK Farm Dormitory Per night                                 SGD 61 (adult) and SGD 54 (kid)

Dormitory consist of 9 colorful block with breathtaking view, able to accommodate up to 218 pax and suitable for school trips, family gatherings and group visits.

Facilities included air-conditioned, fans, diamond water refill station and 20 sharing toilets.

UK Agro Farm Camping site

campsite in uk farm kluang

SGD 12 per night.

Suitable for adventurous travellers.

UK Farm Kluang Package