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About UK Farm Kluang

UK Farm Malaysia

UK Agro Farm, namely UK Farm Kluang, is located at Kluang, Johor. The Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia in charge of managing the farm. UK Farm is the largest sheep and goat farm in Malaysia, with about 4000 sheep and occupies 100 acres of land.

The aim of UK Farm Kluang is to offer a memorable experience to all visitors. It is a nice place to escape from the city life. UK Farm offer many activities such as sheep challenge, visit to the goat milk processing centre, ostrich farm, Jakun village and lavender garden. The place is ideal for family trip as it is a good place to relax and enjoy.

Besides, the HACCP certification obtained by the UK Farm Kluang in 2006. This certification gives permission in producing goat milk and other goat products. Up until now, there are many goat products produced by UK Farm such as

  • goat milk ice cream,
  • pure fresh goat milk,
  • goat milk shampoo,
  • goat milk lotion,
  • goat milk cosmetics and
  • goat skin products.

UK Farm could be your best short getaway! From Singapore, it takes only 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach UK Farm Kluang. You can even enjoy lots of relaxing activities here.

Don’t hesitate to approach us if you are planning a trip to UK Farm. We provide different UK Farm Kluang Packages and will arrange transport for you even if you’re in Singapore.

Chalet 2D1N Package ONLY from SGD 59!

Transport (Fit 7-10 Persons) from Singapore to UK Farm Johor ONLY from SGD 150! (From Your SG Doorstep to UK Farm Kluang)

The package includes:

The Transport includes:

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UK Farm Kluang Package